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Lake Cypress (Approx. 4000 acres) is the 3rd southernmost lake on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, circular in shape, located entirely in Osceola County, averaging 4 to 6 feet in depth at normal pool. Its two (2) primary inflows are the (1) Alligator Chain of Lakes via the 6 mile long Canoe Creek Canal (Non-navigable) that enters at the east side of the lake, and (2) Reedy Creek, which flows south out of Bay Lake on the Walt Disney property in the Orlando, Florida area, and enters Lake Cypress on its southwestern shores. Lake Cypress links to West Lake Toho to the north, via the 4 mile long Southport Canal. It links to Lake Hatchineha to the south via the 2.3 mile long Hatchineha Canal.

1998 Lake Cypress Drawdown: The State performed a bonus “mini-drawdown” on Lake Cypress, taking advantage of a drought related, low pool event. The “Push-N-Pile” technique was used, scraping the accessible northern shorelines. Bull dozers, heavy-duty scrapers, and front-end loaders, with the help of dump trucks, pushed and piled muck, forming spoil islands. Remnants of the 3 spoil islands produced are barely recognizable today, as erosion, has taken its toll on them over the years.

The primary emergent aquatic vegetation types in Lake Cypress are maiden cane, Kissimmee grasses, bull rushes, cattails, pepper grasses, and lily pads. Invasive Hydrilla grasses maintain a presence in the lake, and are kept in check through periodic eradication programs sponsored by the State of Florida.

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Lake Cypress - Ramp #1

2900 Lake Cypress Rd., Kenansville, Fl.34739
Lat:28.084557, Lon:-81.303549

Lake Cypress Fishcamp ramp.

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